The Victorian house

The London-based architecture and design studio HUTCH has a unique approach, offering a holistic service, specializing in residential projects of any scale. The remarkable transformation of the 120-year-old derelict Victorian building in Northern Ireland is a testament to their expertise and design.

The exceptional three-floor residence is now converted into a dream residence with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. With a completely redesigned layout that includes interconnected sequence of spaces, a view that seamlessly flow from the front to the back of the house. Adding Capplen Dimyr rugs creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that exuded calm.

The Victorian home is adorned with Cappelen Dimyr rugs to create cozy corners and elevate each room. A sense of stillness is complemented by a simple material palette and neutral tones and textures, which reflects Hutch studios overall design approach. 

The project is documented by the fantastic photographer Helen Cathcart and styled by the talented Sarah Birks.