By Malene Birger Flagship

Our rugs add softness to By Malene Birger's flagship store in Stockholm

By Malene Birger just opened their new flagship store on Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm. The redesigned boutique is outfitted with Cappelen Dimyr rugs and tapestries and keeps in line with the eclectic minimalism we are known for. 

Ellen and Maja Dixdotter, who set the creative direction for By Malene Birger, are two of our founders, and the syncronicity between the two brands is evident in the new collaboration, where our handmade rugs and tapestries add softness to the interios of the new boutique. The brand DNAs of By Malene Birger and Cappelen Dimyr are evidently similar as they both revolve around bohemian maximalism combined with Scandinavian simplicity. 

Though the two aesthetics are evidently similar, they are distinct in their uses. One is designed with wearability in mind and the other with the functionality of a home. Referencing the same inspirations, but adapted to certain purposes, the two are distinct expressions of a particularly creative mindset where tradition and modernity come together to create new meanings.